Lawn Mowing - Everything You Need to Know

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes quite a bit of work, but a great way to start is mowing your yard properly. A lot of homeowners feel that they need to pull out their mower when their yard looks overgrown, but a healthy, lush lawn needs regular mowing.

If you’re tired of maintaining your yard, LawnStarter can handle all of your lawn mowing and lawn care needs.

Doing it yourself? How to choose the right lawn mower for you

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all lawn mower for every homeowner. Many factors including lot size, topography, physical fitness, cost and personal preference are major factors that must be weighed before making a decision.

Lot Size

A homeowner of a large property with multiple acres requires a different type of lawn mower than a person with a small yard. For this person, a riding lawn mower would be the weapon of choice. Riding lawn mowers range $600 to $14,000,

Physical Fitness

Lawn care is a physical activity that requires a certain level of strength and stamina. This can be offset to an extent with a riding lawn mower, but the individual would then incur a greater cost.


You must determine if your yard is flat or if there are variations in elevation, including varying hills and valleys. A riding lawn mower, for example, wouldn’t be a great fit for a yard with steep hills and tight spaces due to the lack of mobility that they


Lawn mowers can be a very expensive purchase for an individual, so cost is a very important factor to be weighed before purchasing a tool. Standard reel, or cylinder mowers, are generally the cheapest and can be found

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Lawn Mowing Questions and Answers ?

How often should I mow?

Many people’s strategy towards lawn care consists of dragging the lawn mower out or scheduling lawn mowing whenever their grass begins to look bad, but there is more to the process. How and when you mow your grass plays a big part in the overall quality and presentation of your lawn.

How short should I cut my grass?

It’s important to remember the 1/3 principle when it comes to lawn care. You should never cut your grass more than 1/3 of its original height at any time. This could cause trauma to the grass and result in discoloration. The perfect height for the grass in your yard depends on the type of grass and the season. Different types of grass thrive at different heights, and all grass should be kept longer in the summer to help cut down on water usage. Higher blades of grass helps prevent water from evaporating as quickly, allowing you to save some money and still have a gorgeous yard.

What if my grass is too tall already?

If you've been out of town or just got a little backed up with other chores, don't worry. You'll still want to adhere to the 1/3's rule, but make sure that you cut your grass down in increments. This will reduce the amount of stress you put on the grass.

How often should I perform maintenance on my lawn mower?

Lawn mower maintenance can range from cleaning the undercarriage to a professional inspection.

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